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Storage Guidlines

Storage Space Guidelines at our Fremont Facility

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Unit Size

Sizing up your storage space needs in Fremont is easy with our helpful guidelines. Listed below is a small sampling of the self-storage units available and will help you estimate how large a storage space you need. If you're still unsure, simply give us a call in Fremont, California, and we'll recommend a storage unit that's just the size right for all of your personal belongings or business equipment

 Unit Size Size Comparison What Will Fit
4' x 4' x 4' Bicycle Locker Small Appliances, Sporting Equipment, Boxes, & Other Small Items
4' x 4' Small Closet Folding Furniture (i.e. Card Table & Chairs, Plant Stands, Etc.), Boxes, & Other Small Items
5' x 5' Hall Closet Small Furniture (i.e. End Tables, Crib, Toy Chest, TV Stand, Etc.), Sporting Equipment, Boxes, & Other Small Items
5' x 10' Walk-in Closet Furnishings from a Studio or Small, One-Bedroom Apartment, Outdoor Furniture, Washer & Dryer, Refrigerator, Many Boxes, & Other Small Items
8' x 10' Large Walk-in Closet Standard Furnishings from a One-Bedroom Apartment, Large Furniture, Major Appliances, Many Boxes, & Miscellaneous Items
10' x 10' Small Bedroom Furnishings from a One- or Two-Bedroom Apartment, Major Appliances, Outdoor Furniture, & Miscellaneous Items from the Garage
10' x 15' Average-Size Bedroom Furnishings from a Two- or Three-Bedroom Apartment or House, Major Appliances, & Patio Furniture, or Jet Skis on Its Trailer
10' x 20' One-Car Garage Furnishings from a Three- or Four-Bedroom Apartment or House & Garage Extras, or a Small Vehicle or Boat
10' x 30' Extra-Deep Garage Furnishings from a Four- or Five-Bedroom House, Appliances, Garage Extras, Storage Shed Extras, & Miscellaneous Items, or a Vehicle or Boat